Auto Glass Safety before Road Trips

The tradition of the great Aussie family road trip has endured – it is so popular with families and has even increased in the last few years as more and more of us choose to holiday at home. With Easter coming up, many of us will be setting off on a road trip with family or friends.

While car maintenance and an insurance check-in are pretty standard, it’s worth noting that the overall safety of your windscreen and glass panels is equally essential.

Windscreen as the Safety Star

The windscreen of a car is a critical element in the overall safety of a vehicle, with up to 30 per cent of the structural strength of the vehicle coming from the windscreen. It protects you from debris but is also designed to keep you in the car in an accident and plays a role in holding the car’s roof up.

Minor Now can equal Significant Later

A road trip often means long drives, higher speeds than you might usually drive in your day to day, longer distances and sometimes less than ideal roads. These factors can increase a tiny bit of damage, turning into a significant crack or break.

Air Bag Safety

Most modern vehicles’ windscreens also support the airbag and covers. Essentially, the airbag opens towards the passenger (protecting them!) instead of out through the windscreen. A damaged windscreen can compromise the effectiveness of an airbag deploying and the safety of your passengers.

Important Checks to make

While checking your spare is in good condition and ensuring you’ve got enough snacks for the drive are common checks before setting off on a road trip, but here are a few more to add to the list:

Windscreen Wipers
Check they’re in good condition and if you don’t remember when you replaced the blades, do that as well. Top up the washer reservoir while you’re at it.

Clean It!
It’s always a good idea to give your windscreen a good clean before you set off, especially if you plan on driving at night. It might also help you see if there’s any damage – or if it’s just dirt, as suspected!

Safety First

If you’ve checked off your windscreen advice as we’ve set out and noticed any damage, it is always best to give us a call . We’ll be able to let you know if it’s a repair or replacement, and of course, we’ll do our best to be there same day to ensure you make it on time. Safe travels!


Give us a call on 0432 013 969. One of our experienced technicians will help assess how to take care of your windscreen best.


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