Is that Mark on Your Windscreen a Scratch or a Crack? 

It can be hard to tell, especially on a sunny day, whether that new mark on your windscreen is just a scratch or a more sinister crack. They can look very similar, but of course, you want to know what you’re dealing with so you can tell the technician.

Easy Test

To get an idea of the level of damage you’re dealing with, touch the mark. If you can run your fingernail over it and nothing catches, it’s likely only a scratch. While they are not ideal and can reflect light and interfere with your view while driving, they’re not as serious as a dent, crack or chip.

Cracks or Chips will catch a fingernail when you run it over once. That means that there is likely some weakness in the glass that can get worse if not repaired quickly and can get worse with drastic changes in temperature or air pressure.

What to do next?

A small scratch or a little chip in your windscreen may not seem that problematic. Especially if it’s out of your line of sight while driving, you might not even notice it while driving.

Unfortunately, like plenty of things in life, it can become a problem when you leave it unattended. A rock or a large stick might hit your windscreen and lead to a larger crack and a larger problem.


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