Does our Windscreen Repair Machine Work?

Our Windscreen repair machine can be cost-effective for repairing small chips or cracks on your windscreen – we recommend treating them as a stopgap to prevent damage from spreading further.

How does a repair work?

Our Windscreen repair machine works by removing the air from a break and filling it with a clear and durable resin. They are designed to disguise chips & cracks and prevent them from spreading further. The sooner you fix a dent, chips or crack, the better the result.

Repair are designed only to work for minor damage to windscreens – for the safety of you and your passengers, we recommend you contact us ASAP to assess any damage.

Limitations of Repairing a Windscreen

One limitation of a windscreen repair is that they are only suitable for small damage to windscreens. For example, they only work for round damage no more than 2.5cm in diameter or no bigger than a $1 coin.

But the biggest limitation is that a professional assessment and fix ensures your windscreen is repaired to high-quality standards and using leading technology, equipment and materials. By contrast, a cheap DIY repair kit does not guarantee a professional fix.

So, no matter how small, we always recommend getting your windscreen damage assessed by a professional when you can. It’s a crucial part of your vehicle’s safety, and if the fix isn’t completed correctly, there’s a risk that the dent, chip or crack can grow and compromise your windscreen over time.


Give us a call on 0432 013 969. One of our experienced technicians will help assess how to take care of your windscreen best.


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